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What's it all about?

This campaign aims to start the conversation about how we will, together, deliver a brighter future for our industry, our people and our country.

By balancing the use of secure, affordable domestic energy resources with an accelerated transition towards lower carbon, we can rise to one of the biggest challenges of our time.

Vision 2035 is about  meeting as much of the UK's oil and gas needs from domestic resources and doubling supply chain opportunities at home and abroad to, in turn, deliver exciting jobs, security of supply and, through the energy transition, a lower carbon future.

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Achieving Vision 2035 is in everyone’s interests.

It will help protect and create diverse, exciting and fulfilling jobs for many years to come. It will deliver security of energy supply – meeting as much energy demand from domestic sources as possible – and ensure the UK plays a leading role in the transition to a lower carbon economy.

For employers across the supply chain from large, multi-nationals to SMEs, it will deliver greater opportunities that will accelerate growth and exports, increase shareholder value and accelerate diversification.

For our politicians, the delivery of Vision 2035 will see a greater contribution to the economy overall, powering of regional hubs across the UK and acceleration of the energy transition

For our regulators, achievement of the vision will enable them to meet obligations and maximise economic recovery.

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Vision 2035

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