Driving technology and innovation

What we will do

Establish net zero solutions

Establish a Net Zero Technology Solution Centre

100 new tech start ups

Create more than 100 new technology start-ups, adding £2 billion in economic value

£20bn value

Adding over £10 billion in economic value through technology and innovation

Driving technology and innovation

Key actions

  • Access additional funding for net-zero solutions technology development
  • Deliver OGTC's roadmaps
  • Identify and leverage key digital technologies across the oil and gas industry
  • UK established as a world class energy technology hub
  • Establish a cross-sector innovation culture which builds on the OGTC, Innovation Centres, and other key initiatives, and is supported by appropriate funding mechanisms
  • Establish and leverage value from cross-sector hubs such as the National Decommissioning Centre, National Subsea Centre, and Global Underwater Hub)
  • Leverage OGTC and the sector's capabilities across the wider energy spectrum
  • Support delivery of sector leading cost and efficiency performance across the energy spectrum

Well Safe

Case study

Well-Safe Solutions is exclusively focused on bringing new solutions to the the well decommissioning market.

Offering the first fully integrated “Tier 1” service provision in this domain. Well-Safe will deliver safe and efficient multi-operator, multi-well decommissioning operations using dedicated and bespoke assets deployed as part of the ‘P&A club’ concept in collaboration with clients. This innovative commercial approach offers significant benefits through sharing value and risk over an aggregated work scope which enables continuity and leads to continually improving performance with lower and more predictable costs.

To enable this model, it became evident that ownership of key assets was necessary to be able to provide that long-term price stability and predictability. Well-Safe has recently acquired the Well-Safe Guardian, a semi-submersible rig, which is currently undergoing conversion into a bespoke well decommissioning asset. With the addition of a saturation dive spread and riserless subsea intervention system, the unit aims to deliver a materially different solution to the decommissioning market.

As a part of the Forth and Tay Alliance – which aims to establish Dundee as a hub for North Sea decommissioning - and in conjunction with other service companies, Well-Safe will deliver full scale well decommissioning solutions from design engineering through to execution, whilst simultaneously supporting regulatory reporting and HSE leadership.